The charm of West Lake is not merely to be found in it's landscape of poems
and paintings,in the lustre of it's shimmering wave is reflected a long history, and the
timeless beauty of countless legends.
The lotuses float about the "Broken Bridge" (Duan Qiao) covered in sparkling
dewdrops, they whisper the legend of an eternal fated love between the White Snake
Fairy (Bai She Xian) and her love XuXian; an oriental Adam and Eve.
The shadow of ancient Bao Chu Tower follows the dawn light, accompanies
the dusk glow; standing tall and elegant a-top Bao Shi Shan (Gemstone Hill).
It is the record of a rich history; of love and hopeIn the Five Dynasties
period(907-960AD), the warrior-king Qian Hong Chu went out to war for his country;
the people's blessings for his success and desire for peace were firmly built into the
lofty tower
Some remarkable places produce remarkable people: over the last dozen
centuries, how many learned people have taken up their brush and ink on West Lake's
banks, how many have been moved by the lake, leaving us fine lines of prose to
ponder down to this day. Moreover, the West Lake is already a world heritage listed
area kept for the whole world to enjoy it's splendour. As a scenic area it enjoys a wide
reputation; as a cultural legacy we sould appreciate it carefully.
It sits in the glow of precious stones, built overlooking the nearby water, today
we are here to present a dreamlike existence Diamond Resort.
Bai She Xian's (White Snake Fairy) warmth and sincerity, Bao Chu Tower's
blessings and good wishes, West Lake's beauty and purity will all melt into every inch
of the space----you will really be able to enjoy the culture of West Lake's romantic
So, please come Let yourself and your family, beside West Lake and at
the foot of Bao Chu Tower, breathe in the fragrant air and enjoy our courteous
reception. Under the elegant height of Bao Chu Tower your family and endeavours
will be forever blessed.
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