Unique Vacationing Villa by the West Lake
Diamond Resort Club (timeshare) gathers elites in business circle
  The second phase villa of Diamond, adopting timeshare mode with club membership system, will offer a "mobile home" in the paradise-like Hangzhou city for more and more international business elites. It leases its high-rank hotel-like residence to foreign and domestic businessmen who invest and develop business in Hangzhou and provides convenient business service for them. Meanwhile, acting as a business platform for people in industry and commerce circle, the villa will promote the international business communication, exploit business opportunities and offer its club members with a series of recreational products and services at preferential prices.
General Effect Drawing of Second Phase
Vacationing Villa of Diamond Resort
  The Diamond Resort, at the foot of the Precious Stone Hill and 100m from to the Baochu Road, covers an area of 24 acres (16,000 sq.m) with total floorage of 20000 m2.

  Close to the luxuriantly green Precious Stone Hill and the graceful Precious Stone Pagoda, the resort merges the architecture with natural environment harmoniously: hill and water, buildings and roads, space penetration, and pavilions and bridges built in its garden, fully embodying the features of "green", "water" and "pagoda" of the Precious Stone Hill. You may feel the green nature and enjoy the artistic style of the southern-featured gardening either indoor or outdoor at any moment, always merging yourself in nature.
General Effect Drawing of Second Phase
Vacationing Villa of Diamond Resort

  The overall arrangement of the villa changes with the terrain of the hill. Different types of apartments are distributed around the central water pool. The feasible size of the villa and its natural shape reflect the harmony of human and nature.

  The vividly step-type shape of the public area is also an ideal platform for a good view. The outline of the architecture matches well with the natural hill body. As for the artistic form, it successfully reflects the architectural feature of buildings in the south of Yangtze River with modern design method and using country materials.
Layout of the Villa-style Apartment (Floorage of 128m2)
Layout of the Hotel-style Apartment (Floorage of 60 m2)
Rights and interests for the members:
1) Timeshare rights and interests of the club estate 2) Transferring, presenting, or inheriting timeshare right
3) Exchanging of timeshare rights (under negotiation) 4) Specific services of the club at a favorable price 5) Use of the supporting facilities at a favorable price
6) Priority to participate in activities of the club 7) Preferential business services 8) Five-star level services
The Diamond Resort Club now accepts registration in advance. More details please call:0571-85211366、87055966

Timeshares: The Flexibility of A Mobile Home
Excerpt from a China Real Estate Paper report on April 24, 2002

  Many Chinese households are planning to go on vacation during the seven-day May First holidays, but others choose to stay at home, learning from their past vacation experience that holiday resorts and hotels are too heated to make vacationing a real enjoyment. Recently, exciting news came from Bo'ao, Hainan Province that a China Timeshare Vocation Property Association, the first of its kind in China, was founded. The Association will offer timeshare properties and hotels in different cities simultaneously later this year. In the near future people will be able to stay at "their own homes" while vacationing in domestic tourist destinations in the form of timeshares.
What is timeshare
  Timeshare may find its origin in France in 1960s and began to develop rapidly since it was introduced into the USA in 1970s. Today it is the vacation choice for people all over the world.
What is timeshare? To be precise, timeshare means two things: timeshare vacation and timeshare exchange.
Timeshare means that the use right of a hotel room or a resort room is sold to multiple guests on a weekly basis. Buyers of any one-week use right could stay there for a week on vacation. They also have the right to transfer, present as gift or inherit the timeshare and to use the amenities at a favorable price. The greatest advantage and appeal about timeshare is timeshare exchange.
That means when you decide not to stay at the hotel or resort where you own a timeshare, you may exchange yours with timeshare ownership in other hotels or resorts within the same exchange service network. So timeshares are exchangeable and may guarantee quality accommodation and save expenses for leisure or business travels.
  Moreover, timeshares are vacation consumption as well as an investment as buyers have the choice of purchasing 10 years, 30 years, 50 years and even longer period of use right and they can be lent, put on lease, transferred, presented as gift or inherited. They are a kind of future consumption at today's price. That's why timeshares have developed so rapidly since its emergence and have become one of the tourism sectors witnessing fastest growth in the world tourism industry.
Timeshares today are the vacation choice of over 4.5 million households from 174 countries and regions, who own at least one-week use right of 4145 timeshare resorts in more than 80 countries and regions. According to statistics, the global timeshare revenue exceeded 6 billion US dollars in 1998. It is estimated that the figure would reach 200 billion US dollars for the period between 1995 and 2009.
Timeshares in China
  Throughout the country, only 47% of star-rated hotel rooms are taken up, with more than half of the hotel rooms leaving unused, which is a waste of 100 billions of assets, in addition to the large number of vacant commodity homes. To cope with this problem, Hainan No.1 Investment Group founded a Hainan China Tour Timeshare Vacation Network Co. to introduce the world-heated timeshare vacation into China. Taking the advantage of modern technologies, they designed a timeshare exchange network catering to the characteristics of China's market. Domestic star-rated hotels are organized into a network and their vacant rooms are sold on a timesharing basis without affecting normal business operation.
  It is the first timeshare exchange network in China. So far as we know, there have been 16 Chinese hotels and resorts, including Beijing Jiuhua Resort and Zhuhai Shijingshan Travel Center, who joined RCI, the biggest timeshare exchange company in the world. Zhuhai Shijingshan Travel Center has recruited more than 100 members. China-based hotels and resorts that have joined RCI can be found in Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuxi, Qingdao, Harbin, Kunming, Guilin, Haikou and Shanghai.
  China Real Estate Timeshare Association is oriented to ordinary citizens. It is launched by China Real Estate Development Group in cooperation with powerful real estate enterprises in over 20 cities, and major enterprises groups in China, such as Zhongyuan, China Petroleum and China Travel Agency. Its establishment will break the geographical restriction within the real estate industry and help digest vacant homes and boost the real estate industry.
Prospect: The market needs straightening out
  As a new concept in domestic tourism industry and a new form of vacation, timeshare has been well received in the tourism industry and won the concern and attention from governmental departments. However, the market is still immature, and problems of this or that kind have been noticed in timeshare companies. Last year a Shenzhen-based timeshare company was closed down and many of its members failed to get compensated. Shenzhen Consumers Association was concerned about this and warned that consumers should be more cautious in choosing timeshare vacation. Despite of this, timeshares as an emerging form of vacation are becoming more and more popular. It is widely acknowledged in the tourism circle that timeshares will have a great prospect in China. Leaders from the State Tourism Bureau also claim that the concept of timeshares shall be recommended in line with existing regulations and laws on tourism administration.

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