The Diamond Night - Int'l Mid-Autumn Party
The Moonlight Garden in Diamond Resort Greets Friends From Afar
-- A Happy Time with Ms Anna Chan Chennault
(Sept. 25, 2002)

September is the osmanthus season in Hangzhou where the air is heavy with sweet scent of osmanthus. When the wind gently kissed the surface of the West Lake and the candlelight flickered in cool evening, the Diamond Resort had the pleasure to greet friends from afar, including the famous Chinese-American and President of the US Committee for International Cooperation Anna Chan Chennault (also known for her Chinese name Chen Hsiang-mei), to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival at its roof garden Moonlight Garden.
At 6:00pm, Ms Chen and vice president of the US Committee for International Cooperation Mr Hao Fuman, accompanied by directors from Overseas Chinese Affairs Offices of Zhejiang and Hangzhou and their old friend Ms Ling Xiaoming, walked into the Moon Garden. They watched tea ceremony performance and tasted the refreshing Dragon Well tea with pleasure. Then Ms Chen expressed her happiness in the guest book and dined with guests from home and abroad.

In the moon appreciation activities followed, Ms Chen affectionately recalled her past days in Hangzhou. She was all gratitude to the city of Hangzhou for all the beauties it has given her in the past days. Her days in Hangzhou were the turning point of her brilliant life.
This is her third Mid-autumn festival in Hangzhou and her second trip to Diamond Resort. She and Mr. Hao Fuman noticed with surprise the big changes that had taken place in Diamond in the past year. The Emerald Business Apartment has started its trip toward internationalization. Inspired by the picturesque West Lake, Ms Chen sang the All River Red to express her patriotic feelings and her homesickness. She ended her visit with these words: "Tonight we haven't seen the moon in the sky, but we have a moon in our heart. I look forward to celebrating the next Mid-autumn Festival with you in Hangzhou." The Party came to its climax in the applause of the guests.

Tonight We Haven't Seen the Moon in the Sky,
But We Have a Moon in Our Heart

(Sept. 22, 2002)

Hangzhou Daily (by Liu Fangping). At the Mid-Autumn night, the Moonlight Garden in Diamond Resort at the foot of Precious Stone Hill has the honor to greet Anna Chan Chennault, the famous social activist and President of US Committee for International Cooperation, from the other side of the Pacific Ocean and her friends and relatives in Hangzhou, and from Shanghai and Xi'an, to celebrate the Mid-autumn festival.

At the welcome ceremony given by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Offices of Zhejiang and Hangzhou and the Diamond Co., the 78-year-old Ms Chen tells the secret of her love for the West Lake. When she decided to marry General Chennault, her parents and relatives opposed the marriage. It was in the picturesque Hangzhou that she made up her mind to struggle for her happiness, and she succeeded! Recalling the past, Ms Chen was all gratitude to Hangzhou: Her life would be totally different if she had not been in Hangzhou at that critical moment. She is happy that this is her third Mid-autumn festival in Hangzhou and is most excited at the distinctive changes in Hangzhou: The city is on its way toward modernization, the West Lake is becoming more and more beautiful and the people are becoming better off. Proud of all these changes, she says that the great change in Hangzhou mirrors the pioneering spirit and remitting efforts in Chinese people who will lead the world in many aspects. She sincerely wishes China success in its modernization drive and wishes Hangzhou stronger, wealthier and happier.


Ms Chen expresses her happiness with these words: One cannot be happier to be with friends at the Mid-Autumn Festival in Hangzhou.

"Tonight we haven't seen the moon in the sky, but we have a moon in our heart. I look forward to celebrating the next Mid-autumn Festival with you in Hangzhou." With these Ms Chen ends her affectionate conversation, which arouses warm applause from the audience.


Anna Chan Chennault Celebrates Her Mid-Autumn Festival at the Foot of the Precious Stone Hill

   The evening of September 21 saw the arrival of the famous Chinese-American social activist Ms Anna Chan Chennault, or Ms Chen Hsiang-mei, at the Moonlight Garden in Diamond Resort at the foot of the Precious Stone Hill, together with Mr. Hao Fuman and more than 80 guests from the UK, the USA, Japan, Australia, Finland and Hong Kong, to celebrate the traditional Chinese festival Mid-Autumn Festival.

  This Diamond Night - Int'l Mid-Autumn Party was held to celebrate Ms Chen's fourth mid-autumn festival in Hangzhou. Though there was no moon in the sky, Ms Chen and the guests were intoxicated in the magnificence of the Baochu Pagoda, the spectacle of lantern-decorated Hangzhou city and the soft melody in the Moonlight Garden. Ms Chen was so excited that she went on the stage and sang the All River Red, winning warm applause from the audience. BP representatives in Hangzhou, the Diamond Resort representatives and Diamond Company president Ms Ling Xiaoming also showed up on the stage, adding delights to this moonless mid-autumn festival.


Moonlight Garden in Festal Happiness


Approaching to see clearer



Tasting the Dragon Well Tea


It's really a joy to see friends.


So many memories are recalled by the song of "All River Red" .


General manager Mrs. Ling Xiaoming of Diamond expresses thanks to Ms. Chen Hsiang-mei's visit.


Although "singing different melodies", feeling the same happiness


A poem ode to mid-autumn


Never too old to be inferior, Ling Xiaoming's mother sings "Edelweiss" in both Chinese and English.


The child is broad-minded. "I'll come without your invitation."


It is better to appreciate singing than the moon.


Really lucky to feast their eyes, people are enjoying a Dunhuang fresco copied with 3-month efforts.


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