Hangzhou Diamond Resort consists of Emerald Business Apartment of first phase and Timeshare Vacationing Villa of second phase. It is situated at the eastern foot of Precious Stone Hill, a lot in the political, commercial and cultural center of Hangzhou, only a hundred meters' walk from the Broken Bridge and the Juvenile Palace Square, and adjacent to the provincial administrative center and new provincial people's great hall across a street. As well, the Fengqi Road under expansion will directly end to its gate. It is a top-rank house catering to foreigners, integrating business, leisure, sightseeing and vacationing and enjoying beautiful scenery, convenient traffic and good security conditions.
The Company has invited the world-renowned property management company Hong Kong First Pacific Davis as its advisor to provide five-star level service for the owners by professional personnel. First class residential environment and perfected business supporting facility in the Diamond Resort have attracted a large number of major foreign-funded companies, including the UK-funded BP and the Finland-funded Nokia, whose senior managerial personnel has moved into the resort, and many other France- and Japan-funded companies who are considering moving into the Resort. The Emerald Business Apartments will become the first choice of managerial personnel in Hangzhou-based multinationals; the Diamond Resort will become the sample of the internationalization of Hangzhou City.
Developer: Hangzhou Diamond Estate Co., Ltd.
Add: Diamond Resort Emerald Apartment, 39 Baochu Rd., Hangzhou, China
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